5 DIY Projects to Increase Sales Value by More Than $10,000

Wow, just the title makes you want to read it. I asked a friend who is in the real estate business, what are some suggestions that a homeowner can do to increase the sales value of their home? He referred me to a National Association of Realtors  blog written by Melissa Tracey. Melissa said according to HomeGain’s 2012 National Home Improvement Survey, “It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to improve a home and make it more sellable.”   HomeGain surveyed nearly 500 real estate professionals nationwide to project what the top do-it-yourself home improvement projects are that offer the biggest bang for your return when you sell your home.

 The survey suggests to:

1. Clean and De-clutter: Clean all areas of your house inside and outside, organize closets, clean out all of those cluttered areas.

 2. Lighten and Brighten: – Clean and repair windows, brighten up the place- let the light in. Also, repair light fixtures make sure the light inside is bright too!

 3. Repair Electrical and Plumbing: Repair all of those leaky faucets; clean the mold from all of your fixtures. Evaluate your electrical areas as well- replace fixtures, repair outlets and make it electrically safe!

 4. Landscaping: Make sure front and back yard are manicured! Remove all old debris leaves, branches and those old plants. Maybe even plant some new flowers and trees?

 5. Staging: Add fresh flowers, remove personal items, and reduce the clutter in every room. Yes, even rent a storage unit, it will pay off.

 Good luck selling your home and if your not, do these projects throughout the year and when that day comes to list your home, you will not have so much work to do!


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