Stop Stink Bugs – Really?

Fall is almost over and we still have Stick Bugs! Are you still finding them? Just the other day, I saw them on my kitchen window. I yelled for John: Get Them Out of the House! I thought, is there anything I should be doing to keep them out of the house. Well, with some investigation I found a great site to help me:

Chuck Owings, President of Short Hill Design and Construction and a member of a Stick Bug on-line community, reports ways to seal up your house to keep the Stick Bugs out. Take the time to read his suggestions, I found them helpful.

Two suggestions I liked are:

  • Make sure your windows are caulked and the weather stripping is secured. Maintain your screens, check them periodically for holes.
  • Check your doors too, are their gaps around the frame? Caulk these areas too.

With just a little bit of checking in around the house, we can keep these nasty Stick Bugs out and enjoy the colors of fall.



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