It’s Time to Prepare for Winter

In our house, I am the one that get’s up early morning to let the dog out. So, I am probably first in the house to experience the weather for the day. Well, the other morning I had to go back in for my coat. What a surprise, snow everywhere. I even had to shovel.

So, I started a list right away to prepare for the weather that’s coming.

Here’s my list:

  • Have your heating system checked by a professional and replacing those old furnace filters
  • Rake up all of those fallen leaves and prepare your flower beds for the winter
  • Make sure all your outside furniture, air conditioner and statuary are covered, to protect them from the snow
  • Clean gutters out of leaves and other debris
  • Replace batteries in your smoke detectors and flashlights. Better yet get the wall plug rechargeable flashlights that also double as night-lights.
  • Make sure that snow shovel or snow thrower is ready for action. Stock up on Calcium Chloride as soon as you can purchase it. Rock Salt or Sodium Chloride damages plants, pavements, and cars.
  • Turn the water line off to the outside faucets, so the pipes don’t crack.
  • Replace outside light bulbs now, it isn’t fun replacing a light bulb in the cold.
  • Put your hands near the windows and doors and feel for those cold drafts. You might want to caulk, seal or replace.
  • Order wood for your fireplace, after all there is nothing like a night in front of the fire.

Now maybe I’ll be a little more prepared. 

Thanks, Maggie


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