Energy Efficient Windows Just Isn’t Enough

According to an article I read in the trade magazine Window & Door, more and more window manufacturers are saying that energy efficient windows are important but the homeowner is looking for more than efficiency. “When people buy windows today, they expect them to be energy efficient,” says Maureen Faccia, Director of Marketing for Milgard Windows & Doors. “The result is that style has become an increasingly important element in product consideration.

The article states that the typical vanilla product may still sell but the higher-end consumer in the replacement, remodeling and new home builder segments wants products to “maximize glazing areas (glass area), minimize sight lines (frame size), and be available with a full complement of hardware options and finish options.

The Infinity by Marvin Custom Fiberglass Windows meets the criteria of today’s consumer. Fiberglass frames, due to its strength, can be made narrower to allow more glass area. Many more interior and exterior finishes are available along with numerous grid options, such as between the glass panes or surface mounted to give that traditional true divided look. A variety of hardware finishes are also available. And most of all, there are a variety of styles that can complement and enhance your homes architecture. Along with the many options that consumer can choose from, they can be assured of energy efficiency. The Infinity by Marvin Fiberglass Window is Energy Star certified. The Infinity window meets all the needs and wants of today’s consumer.

If you’re considering Replacement Windows Pittsburgh for your home, take a look at the Infinity by Marvin Fiberglass Window.

Remember a window is only as good as the people you buy it from. Metropolitan Window Company for 33 years has the best people, the best product, the best installation, and the Best Price Everyday.


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