A Question on Garden Windows

This question on Garden Windows was sent into our website at MetropolitanWindows.com for our Ask The Expert section.

Here’s the question from Ada and my response:

Hi John,

I have two questions related to my garden window. It is metal, aluminum or steel. No opening parts. I don’t know the brand. It was in the house when we moved 15 yrs. ago. This window, about 34″ W x 36″ H, has never leaked and I have no other problem with it except the fogged glass.

1.  Two of the glass panels are fogged: the “roof” and one side.  The insulating space is only about a 1/4″. Can these panes be replaced?

If you can, or know someone who does it, I will appreciate the information.

Is it true that this glass is a flimsy plastic sheet that gets broken when worked and the replacement glass can never be made to seal back properly again?

2.   The new garden windows, I have been told, are made of wood. Only the window portion is vinyl. They are not water-proof, not even water resistant.

I have many plants that I water and spray regularly.

Many times water spills to the bottom. Since presently that bottom is aluminum, I have no stains, no marks, no negative consequences whatsoever. I can even leave the water for days to evaporate on its own with no consequences.

If I decide to replace my existing metal garden window with a new one made of wood, it will get stained and damaged in no time at all. It doesn’t make sense.

How can I fixed the fogged glass panels and and still have my care free, maintenance free garden window?

Thank you for your time and attention to this question and for your answer which I am not sure if you will post it on Facebook

or reply directly to me. Thanks again,

Cordially, Ada K.

John’s Response:

Dear Ada:

I am familiar with the garden window you have based on your description. Yes, you can replace just the two (2) glass units.

I would recommend that you call Rex Glass. They do this kind of work. The only problem that may occur is removing the vinyl (very thin) pieces around the glass that holds the glass unit in place. They are so brittle that when removing them, they may break. Rex Glass, however, may have something to replace it with if that happens.

The glass in your garden window is glass, not plastic sheets. The insulated glass is sealed. The moisture or fog gets between the two panes whenever the seal breaks down and allows air to get in.

The new garden windows on the market today have vinyl window components installed into a wood buck frame. You are correct the wood buck frame is not moisture resistant and can rot if water absorbs through it.

It would be necessary for you to keep the wood dry at all times. This wood buck (or frame) will need to be stained or painted.

I hope the above information is helpful and if I can be of further assistance do not hesitate to contact me.

John Schmotzer


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